“I was shooting shots now I fade away”

Milli’0nTunez drops a catchy new single with a dope visual entitled “Fade away”. Born and raised in Canarsie Brooklyn ,NY growing up to the likes of The Notorious Big, Do or Die, Twista, Bone Thugs N Harmony, as well as Jay Z left a major impact in life and influenced in his music.

Tunez wanted to make sure the people understood he comes from a struggle. “Im bringing my own style to the game setting my own mark very diversity and melodic. I like for the listener to feel my groove when they hear my music. I know how it is to have absolutely nothin but There’s always a flip side to that coin. Never give up on your dreams always belief in yourself even if its just you. People are going to have doubts but thats only cause your dreams are not their dreams it was meant for you not them so push yourself to the finish line.”

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“It’s Bangindo” – Fly hip hop/rap piano track with a smooth female vocal hook. The song is about the music being dope even if it’s not on the radio. 1st single from the new album, “A Prince In Peasant’s Clothes” by Terry MILLA.
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Lil Dish’s “Dangerous” pushes new wave rap to a new level of hyper-fun and quavering energy. With a recurring rhythmic-and-melodic looping vocal on an auto-tune high that blurs the distinction between hooks and verses, combined with a repetitive dreamscape synth pad motive in the high-end, and warbling 808 stabs in the low-end. This is definitely a release for the parties this summer.

Artist Bio:
Lil Dish is a 19-year-old independent artist from Tampa, Florida, who has started making music this year and has grown an extremely active fan base in a short period of time. His growth and potential are unlimited, and there is no telling where and how it could be a year from now in this music industry. Lil Dish’s catchy hooks and melodies, along with his unique image, has really helped separate him into his own lane with his engaging vocals that just give you that priceless vibe and feeling while listening to his music.